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László Szabó International Grandmaster was awarded with one of the highest Hungarian order for life-work. It was Szabó - as the daily newspaper called Magyar Nemzet from Budapest writes - who achieved the best results of the Hungarian chess between the success series of Géza Maróczy and Lajos Portisch. He has joined the World Championship Candidates three times, in 1956 Amsterdam he tied 3rd to 7th places with Bronstein, Geller, Petrosian and Spassky in the competition of ten candidates. On the other hand, in his regular Saturday chess column of Magyar Nemzet IM Péter Szilágyi gets involved in a dispute with the public opinion about Szabó's style. The dynamic games of Szabó shade the fact that he has performed outstanding in strategy and endgames as well - the columnist sheds light on and demonstrates his statement by two games of GM Szabó: one against Kotov and one against Benkô.

In April a not quite 16 year-old schoolboy has won the Grandmaster group of the First Saturday tournament series in Budapest - Magyar Nemzet reports. Péter Ács collected 8.5 points of 9 games and set up more records at a time. Two rounds before the finish he made sure first prize in this category VII tournament, achieved International Master norm third time and made his first Grandmaster norm. Now he is the youngest international title-holder in Hungary. Ács lives in Paks, the Danube-side city well-known for its nuclear powerplant, his trainer is dr. László Hazai, the collaborator of the Polgár-systers, Gelfand and Chernin.

There was one of the oldest Hungarian problemist, dr. László Lindner's volume titled A Life's Checkmates (Mattbilder eines Lebens) publised in Germany. The book informs about its author's plentiful career and performs Lindner's some seven and half hundred compositions. The creator has checked most of the compositions by chess solving software and where the computer found any mistake, he corrected the work.

For five years the chess information service of a young electrical engineer exists in Budapest, which is made use of many chessplayers from Hungary and abroad from amateurs and correspondence players to Grandmasters. László Lovass's own made chess database software, SuperPro can collect material not only by various viewpoints but also can automatically analyse with the help of playing chess programs as well. The daily newspaper Magyar Nemzet from Budapest introduces its collaborator, Lovass on the occasion of his second, new SuperPro version is issued on the market now.