12" dobson telescope making, plans, thinking, solutions, etc...

Dobson making


1.mirror cell

2.mirror box

3.and put them together

4.secondary holder

5.aLT bearing



8.aZ rocker


10.balancing/find the focus

11.whole in one




other tools


sáfár péter
safarpeter AT t-online DOT hu
- thesis of Dobson must be confirmed again: you sholud not be a mehanical engineer, woodworker to make a 300mm dobson scope, which works fine and looks good.
- Mirror, secondary mirror and focuser: i dont wanted to make them
- +my thesis: all of the materials can get easily from shops close to you
- wood, metal and wood again. Wood absorbate vibrations, but not enough fine, alu is light-weight, but vibrating, steel is strong but heavy.
- unfortunately in Hungary the ATM is not "trendy". Thats clear, people in 70-80 years, are fed up with it. (only one hungarian ATM site exists, ~100 from the western europian countries, almost 1000from US)
Obviously the next two:
Alan Scott: http://www.xmission.com/~alanne
Ulli Vedder: http://www.binodob.de
Of course many others.
Blog, or something like blog:
Really last year november i got an illness. A "dobson building" illness. Its a very serious disease. Now, i hope so, im healtfull, my dob is ready. I dont know the future, but im afraid the symptoms will come back.
About my origin objectives: Im really not a mehanical engineer, i was able to find&buy the mirrors and the nice focuser, i reall got everything other (materials&tools) close to my home. Wood / alu /steel were used, and finally i hope so the dobson building will be again a good and succesful activity for hungarian astronomers. (at winter and cloudy nights)
The result of mine of course not a "professional" one, but working well.
At the beginning i had seen thousand of dob makers website, thanks for it. That was the biggest help what i got. So, i started to translate to english language the comments around the photos. Sorry, it will be an international english (containing many errors). In that way, you will find sometimes the hungarian texts only, if its not yet translated. ( but never mind!, you can learn hungarian language, and after when you know some words or scentenses in that srtange language, you will became a bit hungarian)

At the end of my dobmaking, i found some telescope makers in Hungary and, believe me, they are professional. That way of scope making what you and me are doing, i mean is new. It must be admitted, the amateur astronomy, and telescope making is a very isolated activity. The web is similar - isolated from personal communication.

In the last some days I had a chance to test the dob. Unfortunately in all September Atlantic cyclons rules over Europe, over Hungary.
Deep sky:
thats clear, it show much details from M15 in 180x than my C6SC. M33 and M67 comes much easier ( my home unfortunately rather "light polluted" )
horrible (Jupiter).
Not as sharpe like my 80ED, but gives more details. On 400x i was able to move through the terminator without problems. Of course the scope has a vibration at that magnification, but its not dangerous for visual observing.
On Oct.10, I had a great view on the Moon - Sunrise over the Sinus Iridum. One of the greatest view, im sure. I found, why Sinus Iridum called Sinus Iridum, Bay of Rainbow.
lastupdated 2008.12.08

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