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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
With SoftMemor you (or your pupils) can learn smarter and faster and improve your memory.
  • vocabulary tests, Multiple Choice Questions, fill in tests, images or audio clips.
  • Ideal tool for pupils, students, schools and for everybody who is learning a foreign language (vocabulary, grammar) or wants to improve his knowledge history (event/date), geography (countries/capitals), literature (book/writer).
  • Shipped with more than 50 sample question lists : capitals, english and german irregular verbs, french grammar, esperanto vocabulary and grammar etc... But you can also easily create your OWN question lists with a simple text editor and exchange them with other users here.
  • The program randomly orders the questions and computes your percentage of good answers to see your progress.
  • You can play alone or with your friends (generates the ranking between players) with one or several question lists at the same time (for instance the vocabulary of several lessons).
  • You can change the questioning order (country->capital or capital->country) and choose to key-in the answer or not and whether the program automatically checks your answer.
  • You can choose to repeat the difficult questions at the end or save them to a new questin-list.
  • Price of the registered version, ONLY:
    10 EUR $10 GBP 6.5 CAD 15 CHF 15
    Special reductions for multiple computer licenses (schools, administrations, companies etc...)
    By subscribing to the registered version now you get free access to the future releases.

    Example of quick playing mode (without typing the answer):

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