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This page helps the interchange of question lists between users of the educational software SoftMemor.

You can adapt SoftMemor to your needs by creating your own question lists (vocabulary list, "fill-in" tests, quiz etc...).

If you have created interesting question lists and would like other person to use them:

  • Send the question lists to We will put them here, together with your name.
  • If you have a homepage: add your question lists there. Inform us about its address and we will link to it from here.

Downloadable question lists:

Since version 3.0 SoftMemor uses a new format ".txt" for the question lists:
-With the new format you can create question lists more easily and print them.
-You can add comments at the top of the question lists (lines starting with "#") for example your name, description of the list etc.
-You can still use the old format ".mem" or convert old question lists to the ".txt" using the free tool SoftDos. Abonasoft. Shipped with SoftMemor (old version:
World capitals, english irregular verbs, german irregular verbs, Esperanto 400 basic roots (fr en hu it), basic grammar, etc...

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