MindMaps Training MindMaps Training

Some of the advantages of mindmapping are

more freedom     more insight     more time


You can get this using the mindmap techniques that give you the competitive edge in your work, study, or any other situation in your life. 

In 5 easy to complete days, you learn how to mindmap on paper and on any computer. You can find a short course overview at the right side of this page. 

At the end of the training you have it all, more insight, time and freedom. All it takes is just 30 minutes a day for the next 5 days! Your investment is less than € 6 a day! Start learning how to mindmap today and start saving hours each week. 

Start mindmapping today. Learn it fast and easy.

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Day 1: 
What is mindmapping 

Day 2: 
Traditional mindmapping 
10 mindmap directions 
A mindmap application 

Day 3: 
Computer mindmapping 
8 important directions 
15 mindmap tools 
Buying a tool 

Day 4:
10 mindmap applications 
A Master MindMap 
Group mindmaps 
Inspirational mindmaps 
Day 5: 
MindMapping and learning 
MindMapping and reading 
MindMap a book in one hour
Head MindMaps