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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
AbonaSoft subtains the protection of lingual and cultural diversity. That's why the software are multilingual. That's also why we are for the practical use of the interethnical language "esperanto" for INTERnational communication (between nations or ethnical groups).

The INTERlanguage "esperanto":

  • Protects language and cultural diversity
  • Enables equal to equal and non-discriminative INTERnational communication
  • Helps learning foreign languages
  • Aspects like modern latin.
  • Is easy to learn (grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary).
  • Is already used (at some extent) in more than 183 countries.
  • Radios like radio Poland and radio Vatican broadcast in it.
  • UNESCO has recommed its teaching
  • The "lingvo internacia" is known under the name "esperanto" which in fact was the pseudonym of its initiator.


Tourism information, web sites, subtitles (tv-text, DVD...), user guide, ingredients list etc...


Our learning tool SoftMemor (also usable for other languages) contains many question-lists to learn the INTERlanguage "esperanto".