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About the programs

How do I run the programs?

Double-click on c:\abonasoft\SoftXxxx\SoftXxxx.jar

Old method:
Under Windows, you can double-click on shortcuts in the directory c:\abonasoft.
This older method does not work under Windows NT/XP and other operating systems.

The installation doesn't work or the programs will not start,  I get the "Out of environment space" error message.

If this happens, you will have to increase the initial environment memory allocated to a MS-DOS application. Click with the right button on the upper left corner of a MS-DOS windows (Start->Programs->MS-DOS prompt), select properties->memory and change the initial memory amount to the maximum see screenshots.

Is there some help for the software?

Yes. In the directory c:\abonasoft\ you will find the files SoftMemorHelp.html, SoftNeuronHelp.html etc... The help for the small tools is in SoftDosHelp.html.


Strange symbols or the content of a file appears on my screen when I try to download a file.

This happens if your browser opens the file instead of saving it. Click on the link with the right button of the mouse and choose "save target as..." or "save as...".

The previous versions where installed in c:\ts, now they are in c:\abonasoft. Do I have to download the JRE again?

No. Since February 2001, the program are located in c:\abonasoft, but they run if the JRE is in c:\ts, in c:\abonasoft or if it has been installed using the new procedure.
If you have an old trial version (c:\ts), download abonasoft_01.zip, abonasoft_02.zip and abonasoft_zip.bat from the "download in several parts" page. You can leave the JRE (directory jre1.2) in c:\ts or move it to c:\abonasoft and then delete c:\ts.

JRE (Java Runtime Environment)

Which version of the JRE do I need?

The programs run at best using the la JRE 1.2.2.
Remark 1: Java 2 = java 1.2
Remark 2: the SDK 2 or JDK1.2 (Java Development Kit) includes the JRE.

Do the programs run with the JRE 1.1.8?


Do the programs run with the JRE 1.2.0 or 1.2.1?

SoftMemor and SoftMuzik run without problems, but with these versions of the JRE there are problems with the printing and drawing of SoftNeuron.

Warning: versions of the JRE previous to 1.2.2 will not run with a Pentium 4 processor.

Do the programs run with the JRE 1.3?

The JRE 1.3 still contains some bugs. For example in a File Dialog, the button to go to the upper directory is not working.
The sound part of SoftMuzik is not compatible with the JRE 1.3.
SoftMemor runs well. So does SoftNeuron except for a small screen update delay.

How can I know which version of the JRE I have?

Open a MS-DOS or a terminal window and type "java -version".

What about other operating systems?


SoftNeuron and SoftVid were successfully tested under Linux (Debian) with the JRE1.2.
SoftMemor froze but it seems that this problem concerns the JRE1.2. It should work with the JRE1.2.2
SoftMuzik does not work under Linux, because the sound library used does not exist for this platform.

To unzip the files:
use your own unzip tool or SoftDos/SoftDos.jar
(or /jre1.2.2/bin/java SoftPiz abonasoft.zip)

To run a program:
Double-click on SoftNeuron/SoftNeuron.jar
Or in a terminal window type:
/jre1.2.2/bin/java -jar SoftNeuron.jar

The shareware CD contains the JRE 1.2.2 for Linux (in the tmp directory)
You can also download it at  www.javasoft.com  or java.blackdown.org


Mac OSX includes the Java 1.2.
All programs (except SoftMuzik) run under Mac OSX.

To run the programs:
Double-click on SoftXxxx/SoftXxxx.jar
In a terminal window go to the SoftXxxx directory and type "java -jar SoftXxxx.jar".

Apple has no plans to provide Java 2 on the Classic Mac OS


SoftNeuron and SoftMemor run under OS/2.
The programs can be run from an OS/2 command prompt. For example with the command: java -jar SoftNeuron.jar from the SoftNeuron directory.
You can also create a program object that runs a small script that just calls up the above command (example).


It seems that the JRE1.2 already exists for BeOS.


All the programs should run under Solaris.


Why can't I type the answers?

In the new version (2.0) in the same window where you key-in the names of the players you can change the game options and choose to type the answers.
Typing the answers drastically slows down the rhythm of the game. Even more if you are not playing alone and would have to change seats.
Moreover a simple detail like a dot or a space at the wrong place would cause the answer to be considered as wrong.
Usually one speaks out the answer loudly, mentioning spelling details if necessary.
Actually you can write down the answers on paper. By doing so you drill your "muscle memory" (typing and handwriting use different muscle memory).

Esperanto fonts

See the Esperanto FAQ.

If you have a question which is still not answered, send it by mail

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